Compassionate Care for Seniors in St. Catharines

Northern Niagara Dentistry recognizes the unique dental needs of the senior population, offering specialized geriatric dentistry services tailored to address the challenges and conditions commonly faced by older adults. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Langdon and our dedicated team, we are committed to providing the highest level of compassionate and comprehensive dental care. Our goal is to ensure that our senior patients enjoy optimal oral health and quality of life, with services designed to accommodate the changes that come with aging.

Specialized Dental Care for Seniors

Our geriatric dentistry services are specifically designed to address the oral health challenges that can arise with age, such as dry mouth, wear and tear on teeth, gum disease, and the need for replacements like dentures or implants. We provide a range of treatments from routine cleanings to more complex restorative procedures, all within a supportive and understanding environment. Recognizing the importance of maintaining good oral health as a critical component of overall well-being, our team offers personalized care plans to meet the unique needs of each senior patient.

Emergency Dental Services for Senior Patients

Dental emergencies can be particularly concerning for seniors, who may experience increased vulnerability and anxiety. As your St. Catharines emergency dentist, Northern Niagara Dentistry prioritizes the needs of our senior patients, ensuring prompt and gentle care in times of urgency. Whether it’s a lost filling, a broken denture, or sudden pain, Dr. Langdon and our team are equipped to provide immediate relief and effective solutions, helping our senior patients feel at ease and well cared for.

Making Dental Care Accessible and Affordable